Random 25 before I turned 25

1. Me? A pampered brat who is the sole cause of my mummy’s silver hair and my papa’s baldilocks. I still am, but have learned strategies and tactics to cover up my tracks.

2. No matter how I stuff myself with chocolates, cakes, biriyani, juice and even junks I never gain weight. It’s been 41-42 kgs for years. Sad isn't it? I wish I could put on some. It will make me look a bit more imposing and intimidating (I hope).

3. It has taken me almost 2 decades to appreciate and love my family like I should. Most of my life I was an indifferent, insensitive and ungrateful one.

4. I have been a tomboy the first half of my life and used to enjoy treating and treated rough. But now? Ew!

5. Complex unlimited: I wish I had a pointy nose; I have a lisp and can’t pronounce the ‘l’ sound properly.

6. I was involved in fisticuffs in my school and college life.

7. I love Carnatic Music. I cried for days when I lost my huge rare collection (stupid virus). Only those fucking film songs which can be downloaded easily anyway were saved.

8. I prone to irascible and unpleasant and sudden mood swings. Just Ignore Me.

9. I love cooking though I often mess up and am very apprehensive about giving others a taste. I am a true fan of my creative cooking and would never waste a scrap even if it tastes like crap.

10. Though I was an ardent reader since childhood, I wasn't a confident English speaker. It was easier to pay fine rather than following the ‘only English in the school premises’ rule.

11. I disliked most of my school teachers. Of course the feeling was mutual, the way they complained about me. Oh, biggest turn off those days was PTA meetings.

12. I was selected in Junior District Basket Ball Team, but was not allowed to go because mummy was against her lil girl running around with short skirts (Yea, kinda Bend it like Beckham). Exactly how my stick-like legs would turn on men is something I still can’t figure out. I was sore at her for so long. But then accepted it. If I was that ambitious I’d’ve found a way.

13. Like most people the best three years of my life was obviously the Bachelors years.

14. I have had a bike accident which no one knows about.

15. I love Calvin n Hobbes, Sudoku and Soothran n Sheru.

16. I read Harry Potter whenever I feel low (kinda an excuse to read ‘em again and again)

17. If at all I have ever loved someone unconditionally it is Kunjoos, my nephew.

18. Love happened. I am happy that I experienced it even if there was no happily ever after.

19. I sang in a night club band as a guest singer once.

20. I wanted to learn Karate since the age of 7. Mummy never allowed. Once or twice she gave in and I began classes. But it always came to an end for some reason and I too started thinking whether God has sided with mummy. But now I have joined it again in Delhi and mum has no objection. I’ve joined tennis too. And hopefully horse riding after a couple of months.

21. Not content with Bachelors (Eng), Masters(SW) and 3 Diplomas(Adv, J&M, Photography), I signed up for MA. English – Distance Education.

22. Got into numerous troubles and went for cheap thrills that landed me in shit and my parents in difficulties. Were they worth the trouble? Definitely!

23. I want to adopt a girl child some day, may be one more later.

24. Now that I have accepted that marriage is unavoidable, I’d rather him be rich and hopefully a live n let live type.

25. I live alone and quite enjoy managing everything on my own. Even though my days are absolutely full, at times messed up with typical absentmindedness, I feel a tinge of loneliness at times.

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