Routines and Zombies

"Hey Ni, remove that group photo from your orkut album, fare-o-well-o"

"Why, that’s d best picture among the lot"
"I know man. It’s just that he has his arm around me in it. If my people or relatives saw it then I am dead"

Oh God, why are all the relatives in the world so stupid and jobless?
And yet why are they taken seriously?!!!

"Hey, don’t send me A-jokes anymore"
"Why, aren’t you an adult?"
"My ettan (elder brother) was furious with me. Said he would tell Appa next time"
"Stupid, why do you show such things to your bro?"
"Oh, he reads my messages and check call lists at times"
"He’s very caring and protective, you see"

Do I see?

                     A week passed since I joined my new office. Lunch time.
I was going out for my usual stroll.

Office Security: Madam, you need to get permission to go out.
Me: What?
OS: Just wait till I call and ask.

Next Day.
Sir, may I go out to have my lunch please?
Manager: (laughing) You see it is not done. We have a valet here. You can give your orders to him.
Sir, I would like to spend my break my way. I prefer going out seeing things and choosing my lunch randomly. I like to watch people on the streets and such.

I don’t know how I managed to convince him, but I did. May be he was in no mood for a fight or didn't have the time.
Can you believe that people (men included) haven’t said anything about this till now! May be they are content to sit and chat in the office terrace the whole of lunch hour. I mean even in schools kids are allowed to do what they like during breaks!?

Heights man! Not the rules, but these dummies.