I attended a friend's daughter's birthday party last week. It was as noisy as a school playground. I had a classic 'what the hell am I doing here' expression on my face. KIDS!!!
After the party, one kid had grabbed a teddy bear and it looked like he was going to take it home. I expected his mother to say something. But nay. In the end, my friend called that lady to a corner and said, 'thats K's favourite toy. Could you tell S to leave it here, please?' As expected, the mother got all offended and I will leave the rest of the drama to your imagination.

I think that my friend did right. But later the story got so much embellished that the general response went something like 'what a bitch'.

When I remember my mumm's 'we'll get another toy like that for you dear. Let him/her take it', I still think that my friend did absolutely right.


How I wish schools encouraged sex education & open discussion !
How I wish people understand the meaning of 'freedom of expression'!
How I wish that they appreciate & accept differences as long as they're not harmful!
How I wish people would embrace the concept of 'live and let live'!

Be a homophobic for all I care. But is it necessary to persecute homosexuals?
Why do you care about what they do in their bedrooms?

I am mortally scared of dogs. Does that mean I incarcerate or kill them all?
My fear doesn't give me the right to harass, harm or kill!