Childhood was not that bad. In fact it was splendid. I used to go about my own sweet way not caring about anything or anyone, not caring who all get hurt and all the rest of it. I think I hated all grown ups simply because they were grown ups and had some uncanny control over me.
I think the relationship between me and mummy was all hotchpotches. It was all so confusing. Did I love her? Did I hate her? But since I was too busy running around, climbing and exploring, I chose the abstract path of ignorance.
When I see and interact with kids today and see their maturity and sensibility over little and big things I feel so ashamed of my childhood. I needed mummy for everything. She even used to put on my socks and tie for me a long time. And woe betides her if I fall sick. How she must have suffered the rough edge of my obstinacy and temper.
I have had more than my share of mischief, fun and my own way about things in those days. Now I want those days back just so that I can make up to her. Though I had my good times with mummy, I wish I could get rid of certain black moments which happened often enough.
  • It is a universal fact that mothers can be very annoying at times.
  • My mummy, being small and gentle could never refuse or force anything on me. If she tried I lashed out in a real callous manner. But she never stopped trying.
  • I remember those days when I come home after school covered in dirt and bruises, she used to get so upset and angry and bathe my wounds with dettol. It stung so badly that I would simply loathe her for her hard-heartedness.
  • I remember her pacifying the neighbours and teachers telling them that I am not all that bad – in vain!
  • I remember her shocked and upset face every time I destroy stuffs in home in my temper. I never apologized even when I felt bad, but would go and talk to her random as though nothing had happened. But that was enough for her.
  • I pretended not to notice her silent tears after evening namaz/salah or in bed fully aware that I am the cause.
  • Some times she couldn’t stop herself from giving me tight slaps with her rolling pin. My retort would be to sulk and refuse food which was the highest revenge I could take. And in her desperation she’d come before me saying sorry and making up in various ways.
  • Every time I get into scrape she’d threaten to tell papa when he calls. But she never tells. I thought it was because she loved me. Later I came to understand that it was because she loved him more.
  • Once I tried to run away (I was in class 2 or 3), luckily she caught me from the bus stop just as I was climbing in some random bus. I had 10rs with me. I thought I could live forever with that. 
And I can go on and on. But may be later...


  1. Same goes with me... I dun know what is a big fuss of being a girl but this society will give you a big list if you ask them.
    My astrocities had been at much higher level and it remains the same even when I am 25.
    I feel guilty when she tries to be nice after the fight even, it was her mistake it is definetely I, who feel guilty...
    Mom are Moms they will never change and will keep repeating and do things for you forever as if nothing has changed... I love my mom, but too aloof to tell her this... I am such a big loser

  2. Idk what to say! It's so complicated. So I prefer to ignore than face it and take the bull by its horns:D

  3. i think all mothers are the same after one point of time..even when i keep high spirited friendship with mom,i know the loose knots.Of course I love my mom more than anybody else but i can't help admitting all that you wrote bcoz im also the same kind with little variations.

    Now I am scared thinking about how I would be with my daughter :(

  4. Your kids? I can't imagine! If I get hell from my kids the worst thing is that i cant complain!:(