Dealing with perverts

This inspired me to make this post. This is a highly spirited topic among us girls which may probably be second only to clothes. I have had many experiences in this regard. the three I'm mentioning stand out because I emerged the top dog. There are other loser scenes of mine too when I used to come back home and cry in my room. No, I never confided to anyone which made things worse for me. 

Incident 1: It happened when I was in +2. I felt something at my behind. I didn't need to look behind to make sure what was happening. Making sure what I contemplated was for real, I beaten up the dude-without-an-e with my record books (that was my deadline for submitting the record works) like crazy. People were looking on. As usual passive bystanders! Unfortunately one of my classmates witnessed the scene and spread the news. I achieved an overnight notoriety.

Incident 2: I was traveling to Calicut from Cochin. Again a similar sensation. I didn't think 'Why me!' Due to my journalism streak or something I guess, I made a hue and demanded that the bus be taken to police station. The middle-aged pervert (ammavan) was arrested. The funniest thing was there were people to vouch for the offender. They practically glared at me for delaying the bus. Obviously literacy isn't everything.

Incident 3: Delhi. I was searching for the Khanna Stadium where I had enrolled for tennis coaching. I saw a guy of around (probably)15  standing by a bike. He gave me the directions not without scanning me from top to bottom. Duh, I care 2 hoots. Then he was like,
"Mein Chod-dun?" (Shall I drop you?)
For some reason I was amused.
"Kyun chod-doge tum mujhe?" (Why would you drop me?), I asked with a mocking smile.
This simple question cum the smile kind of paralyzed him. He just fled.Haha!

Though it is not likely to work again, I kind of like the third tactic. I feel proud.



It is such a beautiful yet haunting word. Our faith is something caught between the stifling hopelessness and dazzling temptations. I have often wondered if I am an atheist or even agnostic. But no, I do believe. And I do know that there is a God. Now don’t ask me how!
I mean if something bad turns up, the instant utter would be OMG! My friend Rajesh says that it is not because I am a believer, but due to socialization. Duhuh! And of course I hate those self-righteous piss-offs who have nothing else in life except force their opinions and beliefs on young ones! Go and boil your heads. Let me tell you, you are not making any change. Only jolly annoying!
And about religion I don’t know what to say! If being born in a Muslim family makes you a Muslim, then I am one. Otherwise I am not qualified to be called a Muslim.
I don’t do salahs unless mummy screams and chase me. In fact I can’t remember ever doing my prayers unless fed up with mummy’s nagging, her stringent warnings of being burnt in hell and all that. I observe fast because I like the idea behind it. I hate covering my head and all those jobless people spending sleepless nights because I show hair!
It’s not that I changed because I stayed in metros for some years. I have always been like this. I do pray to God. I do not forget to thank God. I do not forget to demand. I do not forget to say sorry. In fact there is a constant communication. Or is it that I talk to myself?