When in high spiritz… Part 1

Dia: (laughing) You know yar, you are so pretty, inside n outside! I love you.
Ania: (Hic) Thanks…Here have a fag…
Dia: (Inhale) Mmmm… Here…

Ania finished the cig, put the stub among the rubbish (Chicken bones, remains, bottles and such) on the newspaper spread on the bed and started on the next cig. Went on talking, laughing all the while!

Ania: What is that smell?
Dia: (Burp) What?
Ania: Something burning!
Dia: Eh…?
Ania: Something Burning!!!
Dia: Oh gardener burning rubbish

Ania: Fuck you, the bed is on fire!!!
Dia: What!
Ania: FIRE, OMG…!
Dia: Haha! I’ll pour some beer then…
(Dia tilted the bottle and Ania snatched the bottle at once)
Ania: (Screaming) Are you outta your fuckin mind?!!

Ania looked wildly for water, ran to the bathroom. Dia doubled up with laughter, seeing a lazy fat ass like Ania moving so fast. Ania put out the fire. It wasn’t that big a fire anyway! A bit of the bed burnt away. Ania and Dia looked at each other and burst out laughing!!!

More Spirited Tales Coming…!

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