I Wish...

... that people would stop dissecting my decisions
... that my insecurities and vulnerabilities would stay under the rock forever
... that people would voice their concerns to a limited extent
... that nosy aunties nosed less
... that folks with wheels stop poking their head out and spewing random comments/advises
... that people would stop making a big deal out of breasts and thighs and all those. Erm, normal body parts?

... I could handle unpleasant situations with a calm demeanor
... I could be more stingy with my tears
... I could start reading like I did before
... I could start travelling with the old gusto

... to stop dumping my pain on others
... to make her understand that attitude and crude rudeness are not one and the same
... to hit my 30s soon and shave off my locks
... to be more accommodating of differences without which there will be no completion

... for my current bucket list to get over
... and make way for the new one