Obscure Bliss

“Why did you get a job so far, leaving your people and friends and sacrificing good food, struggling with life?”

“I don’t know. May be because I have already had too much of love, attention and protection and I need to experience other things…?”

“Come back Nidaa, we’ll have fun and everybody will be happy.”


Yea, I know that.
But will I be happy? I know I’ll be pampered to bits by my people. I have almost everything there - my big bedroom, my huge book collection, TV, internet, yumlicious food, school n college friends, and living in a beautiful and unhurried small town. Then why am I here, at the other end, living in a cave-like room towards which 1/3rd of my salary goes? I can easily earn around 20k over there too. Then why?

Chains! I am shit scared of 'em. In fact paranoid. If I go back, there are a whole lotta uncomfortable things buttered with love that I will have to handle delicately. I don’t want to spend all my time on m'toes, sorting out my dilemmas. Living here, I have a clear idea what I want to do, ranging from tennis coaching to 2nd MA to Civils Service Prep to horse riding and lots of tos.

• If I feel like a moonlight walk after midnight I can.

• If I want o go cycle riding in the afternoon I can.

• If I want to read or watch movies or browse all night and sleep the entire day I can. 

• If I want to call people over anytime I can.

The if-list is never ending.

And I especially don't want to give up my back-pack-trips-on-whims!!!

I know this post will hurt some people. May be it is the young blood, but being completely responsible for my actions without feeling guilty or having to convince anyone even family is pure bliss. And you know what, my family understands even if they don't like it.At least that is what I like to believe.

I feel like an individual here.


  1. Def. it is the young blood and selfishness of our loved ones who wants us to be close to them. Def. it is our young blood who wants to be free and creative...

  2. :)! Definitly no way sacrificing!!!

  3. I stay far bcoz of this