5 Kinds of Old People I Just Can't Respect


1. "I am like your mother":
This is often followed or preceded by some advice/demand you don'e need to hear. Sorry boss. You're not my mother. That place is already filled.
Incident: A lady asked (ordered to get up) me to give up my corner seat in bus. I kept quiet and it was driving her mad judging by the increasing volume. Then ending with a 'wouldn't you obey if I was your mother'? I looked at her and said simply 'of course not'.

2. "My son this and that and his cultured upbringing":
Yawn! Not-so-subtle insinuations about my upbringing! Yawn! To rectify that, keep visiting. A spoonful a day...

3. Starting every sentence with "you see I am very busy"
Yes, yes, you are very busy and quite important. (Let me go!!!)

4. "Pity that Mrs So-and-so's baby is black"/"Sad that the second one is also a girl again"
In my experience, it is the oldies who pass the most insensitive remarks like these, be it about someone's baby, a bride, or random someone walking down the path.
Personally know people who refuse to touch dark-complexioned babies.

5. "I am well-read and knowledgeable..." (Don't argue with me)
May be I am judgmental, but the moment a person, old or young, flaunts knowledge (rub it n my face), respect he loses my respect.

Do people really take leave of their sense and sensibilities with age? I would have really believed so if not for some of the super chilled-out grans and granpas I know and am chuddy-buddies with. No, nothing to do with education either.
If only it was as simple as 'age guarantees wisdom'... How easy everything would be. No mistakes, no experiments. It'd be as simple as hopping from old footprints to older footprints.