Life Without Facebook

The Annual Book Fair at Wesley Church, Bangalore… Just a 2 week sale with 60-80% off.

But I was desperately low on funds. Switching from Auto to bus, sticking homecooked food & adopting zero indulgence policy helped me to become the proud owner of some 30 books- Bond, Saramago, Walker, Dalrymple, Gibran, Pamuk, Bannerjee, Grossmith, Butler, Shakespeare and so on.

People call me bookworm. But the truth is that I don’t read much. Yes, they always see me with a book- while travelling, in between office breaks, during the walk to & from bus stops, after cooking dinner and on certain Saturdays & Sundays when I decide to give my PC some rest… These scrappy minutes means that it takes atleast 1-2 month for me to finish a book.

I miss the days I used to finish a book in one sitting, stone deaf to mom’s yells and indifferent to assignments & nature’s call.
I miss the days of sneaking Blyton, Dahl, Crompton, Dickens, Boyle, Twain & all those awesome souls into the text books & read under the pretension of studying.

Now reading is reduced to random articles on net, people’s blogs, news articles, and sometimes ebooks. But I want to go back to literature! And fill my life with poetry and romance again…

OK. That’s it! Whats eating my time apart from the necessary stuffs?

Office time- Cant be helped (need money to buy books & pay net bill at the very least)
Freelance work- Cant be helped as I get to write about different stuffs & extra money
Skating, badminton, Karate- Cant give up these.
Meeting up with friends- Hmm… compromisable!!!

Social Media- Now here is the real problem. I will miss keeping in touch with my friends who’ve settled overseas. I will miss being on top of things. Vanishing from FB is practically a way to be clueless & look like an idiot when people are discussing trending topics.

Now I realize its CHECK for all the ques below. Was I addicted? Has FB turned me into a stalker? I'm afraid so… Do I brood over my friends taking expensive holidays & feel jealous? Do I grit my teeth at the obvious flaunting? Has it made me a little too hungry for gossip?

And moderation- Well, I tried OK? Its just not working. Many reasons.
Firstly, I had NO EXCLUSIVE FB TIME. It was all skimming in between work and lingering for a bit more. Surprising how little things like this can eat into your hours... like termites pulling down a big building.
But yea, I got what I wanted. Loads of time with books. Something I sorely missed but never realized. Of course there is still the itch to Activate Again. But no let me finish reading the books I have… and then join back or perhaps purchase some more.

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