On Names & the rest...

I find my name boring. Well, mostly. Its mono-syllabic. I would have preferred a multi-syllabic name like my sisters have. It gives away my religion, geography...
People modifying your given name is even worse.

Now we all come across people with never-heard-of names. How many times have we stored away those names for our future kids? And I don't mean bizarre ones- like America, Earthina, Mangopple, Benzena etc. The last one, Benzena, is the name of a cranky chemistry professor's daughter in my hometown.

May be I will call my kids Pepper, Efzee, Galaxy, Fire or something like that. Gender neutral as well neutral in every other sense.


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    1. Hey there... Pepper is cool no? Fiery & spicy with a dont-mess-with-me air.

  2. Well, as you have already said, yes, there is something unusually bold with Pepper as a name. However, names of continents and countries are also not so disagreeable given that people chose them to name their kids based on perhaps personal memories or may be ideological grounds. This could be similar to people naming their children in South India on the names of party leaders especially Comrade Lenin, but then this won't be gender neutral.