Molly Aunty Rocks!!!

Living in a city outside Kerala I miss out on lot of good Malayalam movies. In spite of being a big-time fan of Revathy, I watched her come-back movie Molly Aunty Rocks only after several months of release. Some critics panned this movie due to lack of proper plot and flow. But I loved the movie for its sweet lil moments and subtlety which is so rare these days.

Loved it because of Molly Aunty-
• Wears sleeveless blouse despite her mother-in-law’s disapproval just as she wears her work ethics, mischievousness and eccentricity on her sleeve
• Doesn’t know cooking and is not averse to living on Maggi noodles
• Molly’s style of dealing with setbacks (watch the movie)
• Just like any independent lady, she irks others but very much loved

Loved it because it is an out and out stereotype fighter:
• The movie made a middle-aged lady look beautiful.
• Living alone or wearing modern clothes or having a modern outlook doesn't mean that you’re a frustrated divorcee.
• Husband and wife can dot on each other even if the wife doesn't serve him hot meals.
• Husband is a proud Joru Ka Gulam
• Husband is not ashamed to stand up and fight the world for his wife.
• Parents needn’t know everything that happens in their kids’ lives. And its OK.
• Its OK to talk about dating and sex with your adult daughters.
• You needn’t shout and scream heavy dialogues to get your point across. A simple gesture and action is good enough.
I wonder why this movie hasn’t inspired any ‘Molly-giri’ revolution among people like ‘Gandhi-giri’ in Munnabhai has. Is it because the protagonist is a woman or because the movie was not impactful enough?

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