I attended a friend's daughter's birthday party last week. It was as noisy as a school playground. I had a classic 'what the hell am I doing here' expression on my face. KIDS!!!
After the party, one kid had grabbed a teddy bear and it looked like he was going to take it home. I expected his mother to say something. But nay. In the end, my friend called that lady to a corner and said, 'thats K's favourite toy. Could you tell S to leave it here, please?' As expected, the mother got all offended and I will leave the rest of the drama to your imagination.

I think that my friend did right. But later the story got so much embellished that the general response went something like 'what a bitch'.

When I remember my mumm's 'we'll get another toy like that for you dear. Let him/her take it', I still think that my friend did absolutely right.


  1. Baby, i read almost all of your posts. I like the way you write it :)

  2. Thank you... Sreedev Etta. Hope you and your family are doing great!

  3. Hey! You and your friend are right - there shouldnt have been another angle to this at all! My son takes toys of others as well, but while the mother of the child whose toy is being take can talk about 'being nice and sharing is a good thing', and the mother of the child who is taking it has to mention that 'This is that child's toy, and we should return it to him'.. how will kids learn to respect other people's property otherwise?!

  4. Welcome here Archana... Thanks for dropping by.
    I always hated it when my mom gave away my stuffs and the other moms looked the other way. And how else will kids learn a sense of space if parents support such behaviour?