Life is like that, eh?

I noticed this about a few girls I know. They do tend to dumb themselves when they are with their guys. Its quite amusing to see a lady suddenly becoming the damsel in distress when the guy is nearby. I hope I was never like this with any of ‘em…

Yippie! Supriya came down to Bangalore. But I am afraid it might have been a huge let down for her being an avid backpacker. Since it was a weekday, I couldn't spend much time with her. I couldn’t take her anywhere (not that theres much to do in Blore except for shopping & pubbing). I hope we’ll get to camp out or trek together before she goes back to New Zea.

Dandruff & hair fall shouldn’t be allowed to have such a hold on you. Im miserable. If you are going to tell me dandruff is unhygienic, just bugger off… Guess it’s a bit late to care. I will just have to think of Demi Moore and be happy (or try to be, sniff!).

I had a grilling interview with some uncle of a prospective suitor last week. I guess I was quite polite. And the nonstop question round included some piercing peep to life so far. Nothing too gory-personal, thank god- like the person who asked me if I was a virgin or not. Guess he got scared away by my nose-ring, uncovered head, smudged kajal & huge boots that screamed ‘METRO’!

I met Kripa after so long. Felt great. I had already warned her not to call/meet anyone else as I wanted it to be just the two of us. She was busy packing her paintings for some exhibition. A long scooter ride & strolling in SM Street after so long. Apart from the broken Hindi she picked up from Amdabad & some horny poem played in the shop we went, it was too awesome!

I wish I could say that my work life is pretty cool. Yea, my team is great. But is some kinda redundancy creeping into my attitude? I almost have to drag myself to my Karate classes these days. And what about that driving test huh? Aarrrghhhh…

Funny, just because we (friends, cousins) are in the same city, we think ‘yay, what fun’! yet we hardly get time to meet each other even occasionally. Its been more than a month since I last met Rachel. I wonder how Neeraj is doing, him & his superbikey dreams. Abhi must be super pissed at me for not picking his calls.
Hey… Sradha is coming to Blore. ‘Yay, what fun’! Haha… we’ll never change.

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