Is there something you truly regret?

A friend asked me this after my lecture to him after hearing ‘some of his issues’. I said to regret having done something that you thought right at the time is an utter waste. I mean, it’s the present that matters right? As long as its not something really dreadful…
I said no.
“Not even your fistifights in college?”. Yea, hes a college friend.
No I’d enjoyed all those.
Well, I do feel bad about my fights with mum and friends. I’d regret it later too. But that never stopped me from repeating, so my regret was kind of semi-thingy.

Then for no reason at all my mind flew to my NCC Days. For those who don’t know it is National Cadet Corps.  

I always enjoyed my NCC Camps. Even though we had to get up at 5, stand in queue in front of the few bathrooms, put on PT clothes, assemble for roll call at 5:45 and then proceed for the 4km jog (boys had to do 8kms) and the exercise and meditation afterwards. Oh those were the times I hardly noticed what they gave for breakfast. Mummy would never believe it. Even though we had to obey our seniors who mostly were arrogant BC slimies.

As usual I made myself a few enemies. There was one I truly loathed, Praveen (it’s a girl). We managed a fight on the second day. Lotta kicking, scratching, hitting etc while rolling on the floor. Kerala cadets cheered me while Punjab cadets cheered for her. Our room head was shouting hoarse, as if we’d listen. She poured a bucket of water over us, yea like they do to fighting street dogs, uff! Then she gave us punishment. Extra 2 kms at 12:30 noon for 3 days. That was pretty harsh.

The head was my one close friend at the camp. I told her that I won’t rest until I pay back that bitch. She told me to do it discreetly so that she wouldn’t have to punish me again. I smiled at that. Awesome girl!

Now thinking out a plan was quite quick. I didn’t tell anyone for I was sure they’d try to stop me. At the camp we were to wash our own utensils though some seniors got junior cadets to do it. The washing place is always infested with crows due to the food remains there. Plan wasn’t much. I just waited to finish her meal and dashed upstairs with my plate. She reached the tap. I scooped my remains, took aim and threw it on her head. You can imagine what happened next. ATTAAACK!

Unfortunately my friend was not impressed. She was horrorstuck. She was like,
“Ni, I wont snitch about you or anything, but I think you should explain it to her and say sorry. God, you are horrible. She was trembling 2 hours after the attack”
“Yea, and she wont snitch at all”, I said sarcastically.
“Wow, courageous cadet”
“Ok, I will say it was me but no way I am gonna say sorry”
“Then its better you don’t say anything to her at all, she will feel horrible and I don’t want anymore of this war. I hate punishing you”
I was grinning broadly. They say camp friendships usually don’t last. I am glad mine is still…J
I kinda feel ashamed to say that whenever she passed we (ie the Kerala cadets) would take up ‘caw caw cawwwww…’

I Guess I regret it now.


  1. Nidaa.. ur the coolest and the most amazingly beautiful n brainy kiddo I ever met..wish to have a daughter like you!!! ;)