I Hate Weddings

Mummy knows this. So she never forces me to get up on Sundays or expect me to make myself up for a few hours of torture. When I was small I used to take comics or books with me. This quickly earned a name for me, so I had to stop that.
Though mum does pass wistful comments and say how nice it would be to have me with her and how other daughters of my age were there wearing great designer stuffs, looking gorg and all.

She keeps saying that it is good for me to meet my relatives and suchlike once in a while. Yea sure. Relatives have an amazing knack of shooting up my nerves to a pinpoint. Since I am not allowed to be rude, I have an option of subtle sarcasm. But one does get tired of these tongue twister games.

Yea mum is kind of scared for me. She says its high time I become more social and mingle with all kinds of people and not just the few I like and all that. Long lectures on tolerance and acceptance never go amiss either including the importance of maintaining such ‘ties’.
Ties, my balls! Since wedding politics is not my forte, let me pass please.

And I hate the clothes they pick up for me in these occasions. I don’t have a voice here (until recently).
And then come aunts and uncles. Oh on such excellent terms we are. And a wedding background is just the catalyst we need. Duhuh!!!
The commonest grumble is about people going on and on about when my wedding would be and all the remaining blas.   

Goddd! If ever I marry I want (hope) it to be a court marriage and may be a small dinner party later. Yea, I know it’s a practically impossible idea. And being an Indian girl (Yawn + Grrr), oh lets not even go there.

Is there any point in fighting? Of course, Rebellion is the spice of life eh?
Whooooppppppppppppppps!!!!!!!!!! Mmuah!

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