World is full of them – Part I

This post is my answer to my friend’s convenient confusion.
Of course it feels great when people ask you for advice, especially stuffs skating over topics like philosophy, romance,  ideology etc. You feel all important. Today I got a mail from my friend. It was short.
“Ni, Need to talk. Be free after 9. Will call”
Duhuh!!! It is highly unusual for this friend or any other friends for that matter to make an appointment before calling me. Corporate Effect? Whatever!
We had our talk. Yawn! Another case of heart-break. It has been a while. She was just getting over her depression stage. Someone else asked her out. And she agreed because she wanted to move on, forget him, show him that she is not a loser, bla bla bla. And what do I think?
I tried my best to sound sensitive. But it was difficult. She wants to know what I think.
Okay, here she goes.
When will people stop doing these kinds of outdated tricks in love? Yea, 'Love'!'I mean, trying to make people jealous, grabbing tainted attention, going out with just anyone just because you want to show that you are all cool. Yea, the world is full of them.
Is it necessary to be with someone else (whom you don’t even care about) to move on? This Funda is beyond me.
Instead of concentrating on tagging after some psychotic loser why not dig for some other options  for a change? Like n new hobby?  Like going for music classes or sports coaching or any such stuff?
Or are you too used getting your expenses taken care of by any random bf?
If you really wanna be the dudette and move on, you have 1000s of options. World is not so dull. And definitely not a bad place to be in. 


  1. It is the pressure around the people making them do this.Even when I listen to these people,I understand that all they need is to show off the world.Even the broken relationship was also a show off.They are just scared to be single.. :P

  2. better be single than put up with sexist losers